Performance Photography
by Lou Montesano

IS THERE A PLACE FOR STILL PHOTOS in the age of youtube? Video is great, but taking in everything inevitably misses something. The magic is in the moment, the 1/250th of a second that tells us all we need to know. 
     Great still photos are rarely still in terms of energy, making live music ideal subject matter. It's become impossible for most artists to earn a living from recorded music, but the music scene is far richer for it. Things have moved from the studio back to the clubs where the immediacy that made rock ‘n’ roll so powerful is once again being felt.

     Rock has aged remarkably well. It would be easy for performers to fall back on nostalgia, but many artists instead continue to create new music and rework their catalogs

LOU MONTESANO is a New York photographer and writer whose work has appeared in print and online for the
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in unexpected ways. Second- and third-generation musicians play alongside legends, honoring traditions and taking things in new directions.
     The same, of course, is true of jazz, cabaret and all forms of music, with intimate venues providing the opportunity to experience moments of intensity and brilliance. This site is the repository of an ongoing musical odyssey. The highest compliment for any photographer is to be told you've captured someone, that a single image conveys the essence of the whole. I hope I've managed to capture glimpses of the greatness I have been privileged to witness. Thank you to the many extraordinary artists whose images appear here.